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Performed Weekly

Tee Time > Cleaning the Pool

Great for those who find it hard to consistently perform weekly cleaning tasks. The Deluxe Plan minimizes your weekly responsibility. Life gets busy and your pool can get overlooked, especially when swimming isn't at the top of the list. If you would rather be headed to your tee time instead of cleaning your pool, look no further!

Weekly Service

Balancers & Treatment

Equipment Maintenance Package

Cleaning Package

  • Visual Inspection of pool equipment

  • Test & Maintain proper chlorine and pH levels

  • Check & Empty debris from skimmer, pump basket and pool cleaner

  • Orenda Enzyme Treatment

  • Orenda Phosphate Remover

  • Orenda Scale & Metal Control

  • Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

  • Calcium for hardness

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Salt

2 x equipment cleaning and inspections per year

  • salt chlorine generator acid wash and salt cell inspection

  • filter cleaning and 10-point tank inspection

  • pump inspection and maintenance

  • Pool Heaters / Heat Pumps / Accessory Pumps / and Other Equipment checked for proper operation

  • Skim pool and remove surface debris

  • Brush steps and tile line preventing dirt and scum build up

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