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Equipment Maintenance Package

Have Us take care of the routine maintenance your pool equipment needs to run efficiently year-round

Equipment Maintenance Package

Twice a year, before and after the swim season, our technicians will perform a service that includes an in-depth inspection, seal maintenance and performance test for the pool equipment. Equipment serviced: filter, main filtration pump, heater, salt chlorinator, booster pump, water feature pump and pool cleaner.

We will clean the filter cartridges and perform a 10 point inspection on the filter tank and parts. We will check various components such as cartridges, air relief valve + PSI gauge, upper tank housing, lower tank housing, band / clamps + tank o-ring, drain plug + o-ring, upper cartridge manifold, lower cartridge manifold, unions + o-rings.

Salt chlorinators will be removed to acid wash the salt cell. After the salt cells have been cleaned they will be inspected for damage before being reinstalled and tested.

All other equipment will be tested, inspected for leaks and seals maintained (as needed). Filtration schedule will be adjusted for the upcoming season. A detailed report will be emailed to you with everything we checked along with any recommendations for repairs or upgrades.

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